Designed for groups

Professional Soolizi is a diffusion and interaction tool for companies, associations, sports clubs, since each connected member will be able to share his photos/videos/comments and keep the memory of the club/association/company year after year.

For your internal communication

Soolizi optimises exchanges within your company. Thanks to a simple and efficient infrastructure, you can share information much more fluidly within your company:

Joint document exchange
News and company news
Shared highlights, memories and history

Each employee can add news, images, videos, documents with just one click !

To preserve your evolution

Sports club, Town Hall? With Soolizi, put forward essential information such as news in your town or the resumption of your sports season, accessible to all. Share the evolution of your club or your town by immortalising moments that can be personalised and saved to make a retrospective book with all your information integrated into Soolizi.

To optimise your visibility

Association or entrepreneur? Soolizi is the ideal way to gather your fundamental information such as a website that you can easily feed by adding news about your activity for example from the Soolizi app.

A dedicated and synthetic page visible to the entire Soolizi community.

A new collaborative experience

Are you a mayor and do you want to immortalise the memory of the festivities and important moments in your municipality? Do you want to collect the memories of the oldest by creating intergenerational links around writing to tell the « big » and « small » history of your village?

If you are a company director, human resources or communication manager … and you wish to keep the memories of the highlights of your company’s life, Soolizi is really adapted to your needs.

All these developments will be available very soon.


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